“Oral Defense”

27 Jun

Oral defense is one of the step to graduate in master degree in my campus. It’s look similar with presentation things in Indonesia, but I think a little need more effort, because we have to present in english with the engineering scientific words (sometime makes us confuse to explanation the concept).

After attended the oral defense of master student, theres some courious things thats i have been noted:

1. Applying for oral defense is depend of our professor. Our advisor become the person who had each decision step of our academics thing. Even, they will become your teacher if you are being international student. So….. the key is… Just to be a nice and good person in your campus and your lab,,hehe.

2. In Oral defense, the commitee  will give the (I think) the useful advice for progressing of your research.The distinguish profesor or still the doctor degree, have the same portion and same purposes. “For Knowledge..”. It was made me remember of my previous advisor in bachelor degree. ” In academics, we should have one purposes, for development of scince”…. He said. (It was being one of my inspiration). But sometime in Indonesia, we have crushen on into the tradition with ” The older, have more experince, and it’s make the older one being the smart one”. Honestly, I never watch this side in Taiwan. I think culture will have affect the education environment for each country.

3. Further,

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Posted by on June 27, 2012 in Jingga, Kasak Kusuk Study Abroad


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